The United States depends on China in many sectors, including in the mobile industry. Smartphones are a very new invention in the history of human civilization, but they have changed so many things. They are no longer exceptionally sophisticated and many countries are able to produce them. With its meteoric economic rise, China has become both the world’s largest consumer and producer of smartphones. Many manufacturers in China are contributing to the massive production of one of humanity’s most essential instruments. Some countries consider this as a threat and Donald Trump, the new American president-elect may punish China with trade tariffs. He has expressed his desire to rectify any perceived unfairness when it comes to trading with China. China trade will continue to become an important factor in global market.

It is clear that China is a strong contributor to Apple’s success in the global market and without Apple, China can actually still build many great mobile devices. It’s an asymmetry that Donald Trump may not be unaware of. Bringing smartphone industry back to the United States will not be an appealing prospect to many American industrialists. At the moment, only the less interesting Mac Pro is manufactured in the US and it’s known for its high price. The iPhone accounts for much of Apple’s net revenue and the device continues to become a primary driver in the mobile industry. China has allowed Apple to become world’s most valuable brand. China has significant influence in the global market that it’s capable of launching tit-for-tat retaliations. With its strong positioning, we can be sure that trade with China is an ongoing process in the global market.

China has a highly secure industrial situation and international traders are able to safely relocate their manufacturing resources to this country. In the long run, any country that is against China in industrial sector will suffer. In the United States, this will heavily affect major brands. They will not be able to sustain low prices and consumers will seek cheaper products. Chinese manufacturers are innovative enough to deliver Android mobile devices with functionality that is nearly equal to the iPhone, but at much lower prices. Even during a catastrophic trade war, your relationship with Chinese manufacturers won’t be significantly affected. China will continue to produce good quality products at lower costs. Also, there’s no guarantee that Trump will actually implement his aggressive stance during his administration. China Assured will assist you in managing possible challenges. Even if Trump slaps down punitive tariffs on China-made goods, China Assured will look for ways to compensate that. There’s still a possibility that Trump will listen to his advisers and scale down his aggressive rhetoric and there won’t be any kind of trade war at all. China Assured will ensure good collaborative efforts between you and manufacturers in the country. They can deliver most profitable goods due to significant ratio of functionality and price. China is strong enough to dismantle any trade barrier with the United States.