ChinaAssured is an American based company committed to taking away the risk and headache that usually comes along with china wholesale shopping, leaving you to what you do best – selling.

With Door-to-Door service, we provide our customers with a critical component to their business – A source for their supply, from reliable manufacturers that deliver quality product, at competitive prices.

Fraud Prevention

There is one industry that is booming in China like everything else but doesn’t often get written about – it’s called fraud. It can be in your supply chain, among vendors, distributors, employees and joint venture partners. Or it can be among the people who you use to transact an acquisition or a new partnership or a securities deal. Management fraud, distribution and purchasing system fraud, and fraud in M&A and securities transactions, have become a major headache to avoid in China. Multinationals shifting more and more core operations to China are highly vulnerable targets for unscrupulous people. And those attempting to execute complex transnational deals in a country with so little transparency face great risks.

The high incidence of fraud in China, roughly four times as high as the US, occurs against the background of a get ­rich ­quick social revolution and economic development phase that has spawned a high incidence of graft in both the public and private sectors. Not only that, due to the culture gap between many multinationals and their China operations, it is often hard to detect and respond to the challenges of white-collar crime. That gap is one of the single most important factors. No foreign culture and language can be more remote and more difficult to grasp for western multinationals than the Chinese culture. Multinational head offices and their representatives are often blind to what is happening inside their own China operations. This blindness creates opportunity and temptation for unscrupulous individuals to commit fraud, thinking, often correctly, that they will go undetected.


The high incidence of fraud in China, roughly four times as high as the US


Quality Control

Once your shipment is ready, you have the option of engaging a third party inspection company we work with, to perform an audit of your shipment. Our trading group will inspect the shipment in China whether you engage the third party inspection company or not, and can provide pictures and samples for a minimal fee. Third party inspection companies usually charge around $350.00 for an inspector to visit the factory and will use industry standard processes to comprehensively review and test your product, ensuring it meets agreed upon specifications, and sending same day reports from onsite.

Today, China boasts one of the world’s largest industrial bases; products of every kind are available. Apple’s Ipod, Dell’s Computers, Nike’s footwear, and many other products are made in China. What isn’t being made now, can be developed. Many manufacturing companies boast latest model, computer run, U.S. or European made equipment. Communication services are up to date with the rest of the world, and delivery times are many times better than that of the manufacturing companies in many competing economies around the world. Overall improvements in China manufacturer quality have been enormous, and china successfully overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest manufacturing nation in 2010 .

Our partner trading companies in China provide immediate access to thousands of reliable China manufacturers; we work with most products made from metal, silicon, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, nylon or leather. We can source existing products for you from a China manufacturer who is making the same product now, or get custom products made to your specification. We need either a print or sample of the part to proceed with a factory search; from there, our people in China will conduct a search for the right China manufacturer. View products we source.

China manufacturer quality is as important to us as it is to you. We work only with suppliers who back up the quality of their work. Although we take steps to prevent problems, product that is made outside of your written specifications, provided prior to the start of production, will be replaced or credited.


Our partner trading companies in China provide immediate access to thousands of reliable China manufacturers;

Customs & Regulations

Our Office takes every precaution to ensure your product doesn’t infringe on Trademark rights, checking with the same database the U.S. Customs and Border Protection uses to determine Intellectual Property Rights, and will let you know about potential issues with the product you want to import, if its an already-well-selling product with presumable patents pending. Patents usually expire within 10 years, and may take a while until passed, which translates to many hot selling items can be imported with original packaging without being stopped by customs for Trademark infringement. But ultimately the risk is still there and is carried by the customer. We cannot guarantee anything beyond our departments capabilities in dealing with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for a smooth transition of your products.


Our Office takes every precaution to ensure your product doesn’t infringe on Trademark rights,

Shipping Options

Shipping costs will make up a substantial percentage of your total product cost, so it’s important to keep them as low as possible at all times. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger your order, the lower ‘per item’ shipping costs you’ll face. There’s no point in importing one pair of unbranded shoes from China as the shipping costs will be far more than the cost of the product itself. Volume is the key to success when building your business around an “Importing from China” product sourcing concept. But that doesn’t mean you have to start off with full container loads either!

We have you covered!

With our consolidating system, your order is prepared for delivery in our China location, getting ready to travel over the seas securely along with all of our other customer orders, lowering your shipping expenses drastically. This system allows our customers to pay partial container prices instead of the usual fees, substantially lowering the shipping costs for your merchandise! Afraid of damaged products? Don’t worry, we offer Sea freight insurance from only US$100 per shipment!

Here are the 4 most popular shipping methods used to import goods from China:

1) Regular Post. This means normal, regular China Post which can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. No online tracking is provided. It can be used for parcels under 2kg. Usually, you will only use regular post for samples and again ONLY if time is not that important and you can afford to wait a few weeks for a package to arrive. China Post is not the most reliable system so be prepared for lost/stolen packages.

If at all possible, we try to avoid using China Mail for any shipments as the delivery time is simply too long.

If your supplier is located in Hong Kong, we can use HK Airmail which is way more reliable, comes with a tracking number and usually arrives within 5-10 days.

2) Courier.
 Shipping with a courier company will be the most suitable method for most people starting out IF it involves small, lightweight items. With courier companies such as DHL, UPS or FedEx you pay a premium price for each pound BUT you get fast delivery times and an online tracking facility. These days most courier shipments take just 3-5 business days to arrive in any Western country from anywhere around the globe.

3) Air Freight. This is somewhere between courier shipping and sea freight. Shipping times vary from company to company, but in general range between 5 to 10 days which is not bad at all! With Air Freight costs will be significantly lower than with courier companies, but extra work is involved when the goods arrive in your destination country. With Air Freight we usually have to handle documentation and customs clearance (unlike with courier companies), which for smaller shipments or if shipping on your own may seem impractical. Of course, you can always outsource these tasks to a professional company likeChinaAssured for an effortless delivery.

With Air Freight, expect to pay $4.50 per lb for shipments 100-150lb, and around $4.00 from 150lb and up (<1000lb)

Air Freight is usually cost effective once shipments are in the range of 150lb or more.

4) Sea Freight. This is the most popular shipping method used by big companies to import goods from China. The cost per pound ($200-$250 per pallet, even less if you can order full or half-container loads) is very low but the downside is the lengthy delivery time. Depending on where you’re located it will be in the vicinity of 30 to 40 days in most cases.

Also, with Sea Freight it’s very important to calculate all the EXTRA COSTS involved once the goods arrive in your country. The supplier will usually give us the FOB price, which means that the goods are loaded onto the ship. But that’s not the end of the story! Once your shipment arrives at the port there are all kinds of extra charges, such as:

  • Unloading charge;
  • Port fees;
  • Docking fees;
  • Storage fees;
  • Clearance fees;
  • Etc.

These fees can run into hundreds of dollars! That’s why it’s crucial to take these numbers into account BEFORE you order any goods so that you know precisely what your final product cost will be. The easiest option is a company likeChinaAssured who will give you a quote for door-to-door delivery which includes all the fees associated with Sea Freight shipping.

Even with all the additional fees Sea Freight is still the cheapest shipping method for imports from China. Remember that it’s cost effective ONLY if your order is big enough. Usually, a half pallet or one full pallet will be enough if your margins are right. Again, this will depend on the kind of goods you’re importing, their value and weight. Sometimes Air Freight offers the same savings as Sea Freight with the added bonus of much speedier delivery.

In general, Sea Freight is better for bulky items or in cases where the shipping time is not that important. We try to stick to couriers and Air Freight as often as possible, as many of our customers can’t afford the long wait involved when using Sea Freight, but as a reseller the added shipping costs might just be worth the wait..Its a delicate balance, but with as valuable a resource as ChinaAssured  to calculate and spell out all your options, the decision will ultimately be up to you – our customer!


Its a delicate balance, but with as valuable a resource as ChinaAssured to calculate and spell out all your options, the decision will ultimately be up to you

Import Duty and Tax

The Internet has made it easy to find and purchase items from almost anywhere in the world. However, many people are discovering that getting a foreign-bought item successfully delivered to the United States is much more complicated.

When goods move from any foreign country to the United States, they are being imported. There are specific rules and regulations that govern the act of importing – and they can be extremely complex and confusing – and costly.

The Customs Duty Rate is a percentage. This percentage is determined by the total purchased value of the article(s) paid at a foreign country and not based on factors such as quality, size, or weight. The Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) provides duty rates for virtually every existing item. CBP uses` the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated (HTSUS), which is a reference manual that the provides the applicable tariff rates and statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the U.S.

Duty rates in the U.S. can be ad valorem (as a percentage of value) or specific (dollars/cents per unit).  Duty rates vary from 0% to 37.5%, with the average duty rate being 5.63%.  Some goods are not subject to duty (e.g. some electronic products, or original paintings and antiques over 100 years old).

Sales tax is not automatically charged on imported goods.  However, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) declarations are made available to state tax representatives that may occasionally claim state taxes from the importer.

Duty is not charged if the value of the imported goods is up to US$200.

Import duty and import taxes are far and away one of the most confusing subjects for importers to master. Import duty refers to the tax an importer must pay to the US Government in order to bring foreign products into the commerce of the United States.

One of the most difficult things about filing formal entries is accurately identifying the correct classification number of the item being imported. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) lists classification numbers for every conceivable item under the Sun. The HTSUS is the size of an unabridged dictionary, and specialists train for months to learn how to correctly classify goods.

The classification number of an item determines many requirements pertaining to that item’s importation such as its duty rate, eligibility for special import programs like the Generalized System ofPreferences (GSP) or the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and whether or not the item is subject to quota restrictions.

Failure to correctly classify an item can result in fines and/or delays in delivery. You may write to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for a binding ruling, and/or contact an import specialist at your local port for help to identify the proper classification number for your imported item.

If your goods are being imported via an express courier, the courier automatically utilizes Customs Brokers to clear your goods on your behalf.


Import duty and import taxes are far and away one of the most confusing subjects for importers to master.

Delivery at your Door

Through our partnering freight forwarding agency we move your cargo from “dock-to-door,” providing several significant services such as:

  • Advising on exporting costs including freight costs, port charges, consular fees, costs of special documentation, insurance costs and freight handling fees;
  • Preparing and filing required export documentation such as the bill of lading and routing appropriate documents to the seller, the buyer or a paying bank;
  • Advising on the most appropriate mode of cargo transport and making arrangements to pack and load the cargo;
  • Reserving the necessary cargo space on a vessel, aircraft, train, or truck.
  • Making arrangements with overseas customs brokers to ensure that the goods and documents comply with customs regulations.

The merchandise you decided to invest in a mere few weeks ago is ready for you, at your warehouse door; delivered as specified, and ready to be turned into profit by you!


The merchandise you decided to invest in a mere few weeks ago is ready for you, at your warehouse door


Why an Importing company when dealing directly with the factory?

Using an Importing company when dealing directly with the factory, will benefit your interests and boost your business.  Here are five reasons why:

1. When buying from China, it’s critical to know who you’re working with.
It’s not uncommon for us to receive a call from a new customer who tried buying direct from a factory in China on their own and got scammed. Often, they found a supplier through an e-commerce site, got a few samples made, and then gave the factory a deposit (one recent caller told me they gave the factory a 100% deposit up front, which is a no-no).  Problems arose, and then the Chinese factory stopped all communication.  In their February 28, 2011 edition, Businessweek reported that around 2,300 vendors were found to have been scamming global buyers though the largest e-commerce site in China. If you don’t know who you’re dealing with in China, the chances you will get burned are high. We only work through aChina Trading company that we have a strong relationship with and know we can trust.  Our three trading partner companies will prequalify the factories by calling them and asking them the right questions about their capabilities and manufacturing process. This is critical; when you decide to go it alone, you won’t know if you’re dealing with a factory, a trading company, or a guy sitting in his apartment with a PC.

2. Our China trading company partners know the culture.
Picture a Chinese businessman coming to the U.S. and trying to buy or sell a new product line. He doesn’t know where to go or how the culture works. He fumbles around, not knowing whether the company he’s working with is reputable or if they will do what they promise.  The American business culture is strange to him and he finds it weird, maybe even rude, that they don’t invite him to a banquet. It’s the same if you go to China on your own. Chinese businesspersons don’t think or conduct business like we do. In the U.S. if a factory messes up an order they can get sued. In China, the factory will just walk if there’s a problem; there’s little that can be done about it. Having a China trading company on the ground who knows the Chinese business culture provides a great advantage over going it alone.

3. We negotiate prices, inspect the shipments, and have a consolidating shipping system, which means we can ship the product to you at competitive rates. and you can rest assured your order will be here as quickly as possible.

4. Our China trading company partners back up the quality to your written specifications.
Although we do everything we can to avoid problems, in the rare occasion that you might receive defective product not made to the written specifications you provided us prior to production, our partner companies will negotiate getting replacement product from the factory.

5. So you can sleep at night. Having someone you can trust means you won’t get burned.

We offer you:

  • A local American company that is always just a phone call away.
  • Chinese partners who pre-qualify China manufacturing companies, negotiate prices, and inspect shipments – ensuring you get highest quality right away without first getting burned.
  • Guidance in the product development, manufacturing and import process.
  • Product/Business confidentiality, presenting your ASIN’s only as necessary to secure a quote.
  • Samples collected by our team before and after your process to confirm quality standards to your satisfaction.
  • Analysis of product regulations, Trademark infringement, and customs clearance.
  • Freight forwarding through consolidated containers to lower shipping costs for all our customers.
  • Hassle-free truck transport to your warehouse door, delivering your merchandise to you – your way.

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