What does a seller ranking under 100 mean in sales per day in the Toy category?

How much will FBA take from my projected profit per item?

Can I set an automatic price reducer in place to always beat my competitors?

There are answers out there. Search for “Software for Amazon Sellers” for some, but don’t sign up to any easy-gold promising sites with beautiful graphics but super high cancelation fees, just yet..

Try these first:
FBA Toolkit


This site has three useful features.

The first one (main page) allows you to enter a Sales Rank into each major category, and they will provide you with an estimation of the sales per day in that specific category.

The second feature is called Price List Analysis and lets you upload a spreadsheet with a list of UPC/EAN and an optional cost field and it’ll generate a report with information that’ll simplify your purchasing decisions (current offers, estimated sales rate, profit).

The third feature is called Product Tracking. We can track the price, stock and sales from all the relevant merchants in a product.

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator


Enter the ASIN you would like to send in to FBA, and calculate how much fulfilment will cost you



This site allows you to track price history of all active ASINs

Check the averaging price history for the product you are about to invest in, before you jump in based on a price tag that looks better now than it usually is.

You can also assure you offer the cheapest price on your item by having them alert you every time the competition drops

And please don’t forget the most important ones (many sellers seem to be completely oblivious to these):




Many products that are not doing well here are selling 3 times as well for twice the price in Italy, UK, or France. If you send product to FBA you are undercutting your potential by only focusing on one marketplace. Do yourself a favor and check the rest of the Amazon marketplaces before letting that good deal go based on low ratings on .com