Xi Jianping, the Chinese president has congratulated Donald Trump, the new president-elect. It appears that both men establish a clear mutual respect. The initial contact between Trump and Xi was also confirmed by the official state-run media in China. CNN also reported that the president-elect Donald Trump said that the two leaders will have strong relationships and both countries will move forward. The China’s state-run media is also cited for reporting that Xi emphasized on ongoing cooperation between both nation. Again, Trump stated that China is a great and important country with remarkable development process. If relationship between both countries progresses smoothly, China Assured will help traders to take advantage of any opportunity in China’s manufacturing landscape.

During his presidential campaign, Trump continues to label China as a currency manipulator and he pledged to bring back jobs to the United States. He opposes continued outsourcing to countries with lower wages, including China. Trump argued that Barack Obama implemented a weak foreign policy and this has allowed China to gain bigger economic influence in the Pacific. China Assured helps traders to compensate for Trump’s potentially negative trade policies against China’s manufacturing sector.

Trump has shown his opposition of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s an important trade deal between numerous Asian nations and the United States. It’s argued that the agreement is able to counteract some of China’s influence in the region. As quoted by CNN, Trump said that both countries are able to achieve win-win results and mutual benefits. Trump reportedly said, “I would love to work with you to enhance the cooperation between U.S. and China. I’m sure the Sino-U.S. relations will achieve better development.” This has sent mixed messages to the future prospects of US – China trade relationships. Regardless of the situation, China Assured will ensure that you will continue to have reliable operations in China’s manufacturing relations. Trump’s praises should signal for continued healthy relationships with China.