When outsourcing the manufacturing process for your products, there are going to be a number of advantages, primarily the lower cost per unit. If you have a good manufacturer and excellent intermediary company, you can count on them that you are one step ahead of the game. Quality control should always be at the top of the list to reduce your overall risks.

Since your products are manufactured away from your distribution center, you can’t inspect them, until they are shipped to you. By the time you realize that the product quality has been compromised, it will be costly to ship the products back and typical manufacturers may not agree to ship replacement products. This can result in product shortages as you wait for acceptable products to arrive.

This scenario is a nightmare for any trader and with products being manufactured so far away, how can you guarantee quality assurance? Simply put, maintaining product quality when outsourcing your manufacturing process is more difficult than when working with local manufacturers. Here are a few tips to help you maintain product quality:

Choosing a Manufacturer

When you choose a manufacturer, you can work with China Assured to make sure that manufacturers deliver the level of quality you need. When investigating potential manufacturers based on your requirements, China Assured evaluates these details:

  • The level of manufacturing technology they are using
  • The procedures they use in their factories
  • The skill level of the labor force that works for them
  • Whether the manufacturer uses their own quality inspection systems or will allow you able to implement your own

Even when you have chosen a manufacturer that you believe is qualified enough to produce products for you, you still have to work with China Assured to pay close attention throughout the manufacturing process by using an inspection system that is designed for outsourced manufacturing process.

Inspection System Requirements

Quality assurance all comes down to the inspection system you have set up with your trusted Chinese manufacturer. You need to work with China Assured, because, manufacturing system in China is different with  local manufacturing process. Professional helps are also needed because of the distance and time delays involved. When developing an inspection system with China Assured for your product manufacturing, here are a few things you should know:

  • Work with us to set up a number of inspection points throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • China Assured helps you to determine relevant and most appropriate quality metrics at each inspection point.
  • China Assured ensures data collection is performed using proven system. This will allow everyone to view and assess data related to quality level in real-time, regardless of the distance.
  • China Assured asks quality engineers to inspect the finished product on delivery, ensuring all quality-related data is collected and immediately sent to you.
  • China Assured obtains all quality data so we can catch any quality issues that come up and set a course of action to correct them. Our partner manufacturers have immediate and direct communication access to ensure very quick corrective actions, so they can be implemented as soon as possible.
  • China Assured conducts regular and frequent audits of the manufacturer, including manufacture’s facilities, processes and procedures, and labor force. This will allow you to ensure that swift and efficient corrective actions will be taken.

In some cases, you may not be able to implement your own inspection system during the manufacturing process and must rely on the manufacturer’s internal quality assurance process.  China Assured makes sure that you get a detailed rundown of their inspection system. So, you can still follow through with the inspection of finished products, trending quality data, and conducting the regular audits of your manufacturer to ensure quality is maintained. The key is to be able to relay quality data and information quickly so immediate action can be taken when quality control issues arise.

Quality assurance is no longer a challenge when working with China Assured and distant manufacturers in China. With our help, you will follow our proven methodical approach to ensure that you receive top-quality products, which are delivered to your doorstep.