Not all Chinese manufacturers are fraudulent. In fact, if it’s true that many suppliers in China can’t be trusted, the whole Chinese industry would collapse quickly due to lack of trust among buyers and foreign importers.

Why New Importers Shouldn’t Enter the Chinese Trading Market On Their Own?

Many manufacturers in China don’t develop their own products, so they are able to sell at lower prices. It isn’t necessary for them to include R&D costs in the overall process. Reliable manufacturers are able to deliver products with identical quality and they provide both instructions and after-sales services in multiple languages. Here are facts that importers should know before they obtain products from Chinese manufacturers.

  • It’s actually possible to get quality products at lower prices in China. Chinese manufacturers are able to reduce the overall prices of their products, because they enjoy lower manufacturing costs.
  • Chinese manufacturers are eager to sell their products abroad and they could provide much detailed information. Importers are able to get every detail needed about products they are planning to buy.
  • Always ask for samples. Once a reliable manufacturer is found, it’s always wise to spend a small amount of money to order samples. It’s better than losing much more money on a huge amount of defective or sub-standard products.
  • It’s better to order in batches. By ordering products in batches, it is possible to determine the quality in each batch. Manufacturers could be given feedback about the quality and specifications of the products. Ordering a large amount of faulty products will certainly cost us more money.
  • Chinese manufacturers want to build long-term relationships. They know that there are many other competing manufacturers in the country that can provide similar products with equal or even lower prices. Competition is always good for consumer and importers. Reliable manufacturers will work hard to deliver acceptable quality at reasonable prices.
  • All documents must be signed in person. Both representatives from manufacturers and importers must meet to sign purchase contracts and other documents. Importers shouldn’t rely on verbal promises and legal certainty is important.
  • Working with Chinese manufacturers can become an eye-opening experience and long-term business relationships can be nurtured. allows importers to choose between multiple manufacturers in the country. This allows importers to decide before they are ordering something. Having more options to choose is better for importers and because China Assured works only with reliable manufacturers, new importers are always able to get detailed information. helps importers to minimize risks and gain as much profit as possible.