3D rendering is an important task in many industrial processes and there are steps that 3D artists must follow:

  • Interview clients and understand their visions
  • Create an accurate model
  • Implement texture and early details of models
  • Implement lighting effects
  • Prepare the camera


3D rendering isn’t as straightforward as many may think. Using tools and equipment at their disposal, experienced 3D artists are able to create highly detailed models. However, depending on the requirements, a seemingly simple model may take much longer to complete. As an example, clients may require an accurate bird-eye view of a landscape with forest, mountains and lakes. This will require a topographical data and multiple automated processes. 3D rendering can also be used to create models of cars, furniture, people and others. There are levels of details and unique elements that can be required.

Rendering Time

Rendering time is essentially the amount of time needed to create images of models. The rendering time could depend on the level of realism and overall details. Skilled 3D rendering technician is able to create realistic images using a number of shortcuts. When working with experienced rendering technicians in China, we shouldn’t worry too much about rendering time. China Assured involves a number of reputable rendering firms that can help your R&D efforts. Details, such as light effects, may significantly affect rendering times and with proper algorithms, rendering time can be completed rather quickly.

Pricing Details

It is quite common that clients are charged fixed price for each of the rendered image. We should know that a project often involves multiple renders and rendering company rarely accepts only a single rendering task. They usually lose money on the first rendering task and they may start making money on the second render. Clients should read fine prints on rendering deals. There could be restrictions on the number of revisions and the total size. It is quite rare that we need only a single render for a project. When working with a rendering company in China, we should provide enough details to complete the project. It is important to know that each project is unique and there could be different requirements.

In general, we should try to be organized and include all reference details, as well as plans. We need to use enough labels in our sketches, drawings and plans. Angles and locations should be marked in all sketches, drawings and plans. When asking for a quote, we should have everything prepared. When clients are properly organized, they will be easier to work with and it is possible to get better prices. Our partner rendering firms also have a library of models that you can re-use for your projects. This could become a huge time saver, especially if you are working with interior models.