China is a huge industrial center and it’s difficult to find consumers products that are not available in China. The manufacturing industry in China is able to shake of its poor reputations through a number of breakthroughs. However, traders need to work with dependable intermediary. China Assured ensures that products are safe for consumers to use. As an example, a number of reliable toy producers in China offer very safe products for children as no harmful chemicals are found in the components. Chinese factories are able to meet stringent health regulations and any random inspection will assure that consumers are able to use their products safely.

Traders are able to provide exact specification and producers will comply. Many major manufacturers in China gain success through consistent and honest dealings with foreign traders. Without dependable intermediary, it is possible that traders end up working with Chinese suppliers who are both misleading and dishonest. Reliable manufacturers comply to any confidentiality agreement and sensitive information won’t be shared to others. Even so, traders should always keep documented records of any negotiation and transaction to deal with possible disputes.

With a dependable intermediary, traders won’t need to struggle to tell whether a supplier or manufacturer in China is legitimate. The big fear for any trader is to enter the Chinese market without local knowledge. China Assured ensures that a specific product does exist and it meets the promised specifications. New traders may not be able to spot obvious risk and danger signs, but China Assured is able to guide traders from early stages to the actual shipment of products. Buying directly from manufacturers is the most straightforward and the most efficient way. China Assured is able to identify, validate and vet potential manufacturers. Products can be purchased using B2B sourcing method and we ensure that things will go very smoothly.

China Assured has rich sourcing experience in China and it is able to facilitate close communications between manufacturers and traders.  We do the “heavy lifting” task of verifying manufacturers. Quality control process is performed to ensure that reliable products will be delivered. There’s no hidden commission and traders will be able to calculate from the beginning, how much they will spend to acquire products from Chinese manufacturers. Traders will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with the sourcing process in China. Traders should look for ways to relieve themselves of the hassle of verifying legitimate manufacturers. By using our service, traders will be able to learn more about the Chinese market through the guidance of professionals who understand about the local market.