Buying products from any country is always a somewhat risky business. It is easy to find immaculate-looking products on our computer screen, but we would still need a trusted quality control professional who can directly examine products in the manufacturing facility and supply chains. It is difficult for foreign importers who work on their own, to personally examine products they obtain from China, until they arrive to the port of destination. Once importers paid the necessary taxes and fees, they are often disappointed to find that the shipped products have sub-standard quality. This won’t happen if the importer has a quality control staff, who constantly monitors the production process.

Quality control professionals should be familiar with the local culture in China. They should be able to discuss about clients’ requirements with the manufacturers clearly in Chinese. It means that the relevant information can be passed down to the manufacturing floor. Any break down of communication due to language barriers could cause some issues. Even if the product has a good quality, it may not be fully appropriate for the client, because specific changes are not implemented accurately. Quality control professionals are even more important if importers have their own proprietary design, which needs to be produced in a China-based facility.

Another factor that needs to be considered is that the quality control professional in China should have the relevant knowledge and experience about the product. If an importer wants to obtain a huge batch of clothing items from China, there’s no point of working with QA staffs who are familiar only with technological products and vice versa. With proper knowledge, it is possible for QA staff to make quick, on-the-spot decision if there are issues in the manufacturing process. He can immediately notify the importer and even make suggestions to resolve the problems. These professionals are able to perform actions on the importer’s behalf to make sure that all requirements are achieved. ensures that quality control professionals are present in the manufacturing facility, especially once the actual production phase starts. They ensure that all the boxes in the checklist are ticked, so importers can gain the best possible product quality.

China Assured works as an extension of importers. Quality control professionals from ensure close relationship with importers and importers can always have a peace of mind. They ensure that importers are able to obtain the highest possible quality at the lowest prices.