Just like in any country, finding quality product in China can be challenging. This could happen if we are not fully in agreement with the supplier. The manufacturer may also not completely understand with the unique specifications. Due to differences in language and business culture, it could be problematic to specify certain things to manufacturers and suppliers. Even when importers obtain existing or generic goods in China, instructions in Chinese won’t go down too well in Europe or North America. Some manufacturers in China may not qualify for RoHS or CE approvals for importing electronic products.

Importers should also make sure that manufacturers in China actually own the intellectual rights for specific products. Many well-known International brands have their products produced in China. However, they don’t allow local Chinese suppliers to sell their branded products through the back door at much lower prices. Although many quality products are made in China, the country is also known for various pirated and fake goods. Some illegal manufacturers are proficient enough in making genuine-looking packaging and logo. Importers may run the risk of facing legal actions if they unknowingly obtain fake products from China.

Chinese manufacturers have exported billion dollars worth of quality, branded products to nearly all countries all over the world. Many reliable manufacturers are able to match the standards of the Western countries. However, some manufacturers could be still oblivious to strict standards in other countries. In this case, we should make sure that they have exported their goods to developed countries before. In fact, they may not even comply with the local export regulation in China. Whilst their intention may be good, some manufacturers and traders in China may not be experienced enough that the transaction eventually fails.

Some manufacturers and traders in China may not be able to handle with the volatile nature of foreign currencies, so they are not able to offer fixed prices. A trading company could handle custom clearance, documentation and shipping. Problems may postpone transactions by weeks or even months. If long delays occur, it would be quite difficult to perform contracts at the agreed price. If price discrepancies are too wide, the transaction may fail. This may not be a good thing if importers are not able to recover their down payments. ChinaAssured.com is experienced in ensuring successful transactions and avoiding possible problems. With a reliable trading company, importing goods from China ensures profit and there’s almost nothing to lose.