Yes, you can contact us for a quote without a registered company. You will be asked for a SSN instead of a company tax EIN when signing contract.
Keep in mind that the price quotes are estimates based on our predetermined expected costs for standard orders . it can be hard to provide a final weight, volume and value before an order has been placed, and practically impossible to calculate Duty Fees as long as value hasn’t been determined according to the order quantity. Unforeseen charges like random Custom and Border Protection testingmay apply in the rare eevent that your product gets stopped.
We do not require any special license, certificate or other permit. However, certain products are required to be certified in various markets. we will provide the proper paperwork and certificates to you through our partnering 3rd party labratory

Your idea, design, or finished product, will come to life when you work with a high quality, dependable manufacturing company like us, with our comprehensive product range of durable goods across a wide range of industries.

Whether it is a product off the shelf or your own exclusive concept, we can design, source and manufacturer almost anything – test us with a challenge!

We assists companies at many different stages. Clients range from those developing a prototype and looking to enter the market, to well established organizations requiring high volume quantities. Minimum Quantities for production are based on materials our factory buys in bulk, and the potential of your product. Since we open molds for your product, we might invest in the rest of the quantity produced, for your future orders.
We are a full service on-site importer. We manage all phases of your project from sourcing to production to door-to-door logistics. We have a specialized team that works in tandem with freight forwarders to ensure that your containers will arrive at your door when you need them.
Customs rates, clearances, and all other logistics details are taken care of by our china direct sourcing agents. These costs are built into our Price Qoutes which provides you a single, landed cost to determine your true unit cost.
We are certain you will be happy with our products, but in the rare instance of manufacturing defect or Shipping incidents we will fight for you. We will take up your cause with the Manufacturer or shipper to ensure proper replacement of the defective product(s).