Product Development

A great product that is fruitful and profitable on the market is an excellent idea. It takes planning and research to launch a successful invention. Product development is critical in making a product successfully enter a market.

What is Product Development?
Product development is the process that is involved in the creation of a product from the idea generation stage to the conceptualization to the commercialization of the innovation.

It starts with the Idea generation. There are many ways that one can get great ideas to a new product. They include brainstorming to business magazines, Television, and other sources. It is critical to do a thorough research about the product to be developed.

The second step is the business screening where the developer selects the best ideas and further narrows it down to the best. It helps eliminates the possibility of getting stuck with a nonperforming product either due to unsustainable costs or other external factors like legislation, technology, and others.

Concept development is the next step where the product gets evaluated. All the factors that will affect its profitability like the weaknesses and threats are acknowledged. The strengths and opportunities also get appraised. Understanding the product challenges will put it in its proper niche making it easy to make marketing decisions.

Product Development, which is the actual design and manufacture of the product is done. A small batch gets produced for testing. The market reaction acts as a pointer as to whether to produce it on a large scale or otherwise.

Commercialization is the final stage where the product owner releases the product to the market. The price will be determined by the competition, the cost of production and other factors.

What are the expected costs?
Business development has costs related to it. However, the costs vary depending on factors like the type of product tested, the amount of research that one needs to inject into the product as well as the value of the materials required.

What do you get from the Product development?
Better market entry is one of the benefits that a product that goes through the right steps of business development gets. The fact that there were proper planning, research and concept development means that its pros and cons were well appraised. It gives it a head start in the market and a better chance of survival as well as profitability.

What should you expect from the development experience?
This experience will give you a better approach to the business because of the analysis of the competition, costs and other variables. Your product stands a better chance of growing in its niche since you understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats that face it and how to maximize or avoid them.