How to Verify Your Suppliers in China – by yourself

For those of you who dont use a sourcing and manufacturing company like China Assured to guarantee your production quality and timely delivery without the usual hassle and scamming involved in creating imported product, the best options to pre-qualify [...]

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10 most common surprises for new buyers in China

New importers coming to China often wear red‐colored glasses. They find nice samples and smiling salespeople on a trade show. Prices are often lower than they expected. And they reassure themselves with remarks such as [...]

Sourcing In China How To Guide For Small Businesses

Many people predict that China will be the largest economy in the world in the 21st century and will soon surpass the United States. Although the relative cost of manufacturing in China has risen in [...]

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The 10 biggest misconceptions of importers about China

I get some weird questions or comments from readers who are not professional importers. It keeps reminding me of what most people in the West think (imagine?) about China. I listed a few of the [...]

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