10 Quality Products Manufactured in China

Chinese products continue to have higher quality level. This fact has contributed to improved market shares in global market. Importers and traders around the world continue to obtain products from manufacturers in China, because they [...]

How to Save Money Importing from China

Delivering quality products to consumers is your ultimate goal when running an import business. You need to cut expenses when importing from other countries, including China. However, without professional helps, you may end up spending [...]

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Pros and Cons of Producing in China

Moving manufacturing facilities in China or importing products from Chinese manufacturers can be a significant business decision. There are different advantages that we can get by obtaining products in China. Here are some of them: [...]

Benefits of Importing Unbranded Consumer Electronics from China

China is considered as among top electronics producers. Just about any kind of consumer-grade electronics are available in China, including various Apple products, such as iPhone and iPad. There are many quality generic electronics products [...]

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One Important Fact: Purchasing Chinese Products is Perfectly Safe for Importers

As we all know, the huge Chinese trade market is full of many producers and companies that offer us with all kinds of products. Purchasing products from China offers both importers and average customers a [...]

Quality Control Agents Are a Must When Importing Chinese Products

Buying products from any country is always a somewhat risky business. It is easy to find immaculate-looking products on our computer screen, but we would still need a trusted quality control professional who can directly [...]

Tips for Buying From Chinese Suppliers

Not all Chinese manufacturers are fraudulent. In fact, if it’s true that many suppliers in China can’t be trusted, the whole Chinese industry would collapse quickly due to lack of trust among buyers and foreign [...]

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Why New Importers Shouldn’t Enter the Chinese Trading Market On Their Own?

Importers should evaluate the best practice and risks for importing goods from China. There are pitfalls and opportunities that they need to consider. They can find different routes to buy products from a source in [...]

Redefining the Term “Made in China”

When we hear the terms “Made in Germany” or “Made in USA”, we often associate them with products of trusted quality and reliability. However, it is now already more commonplace to read the term “Made [...]

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Finding Quality Products in China

Just like in any country, finding quality product in China can be challenging. This could happen if we are not fully in agreement with the supplier. The manufacturer may also not completely understand with the [...]

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