What We Do

We provide our customers with a critical component to their business – A source for their supply, from reliable manufacturers that deliver quality product, at competitive prices.

Finding the right suppliers.

With trusted factories who do business with us on a regular basis, and with staff in China who can visit the factories to assess their capabilities, we avoid your headache of searching for a legit and reliable supplier among scammers. We ensure the factory carries product certification compliance and that they meet the legal standards for your merchandise.

 Negotiating the best prices.

Our China based buyers negotiate prices directly with the manufacturer. Because they are experienced professionals and Chinese nationals they can often negotiate better prices than someone from a foreign country like the U.S.

Offering you China direct prices.

Because you are the importer, you save thousands of dollars and avoid wholesale level markups.


Our people in China can find the right factory in days or a few weeks, where it would take a first time buyer many months. With an efficient forwarding system that consolidates our customer orders weekly, you can rest assured your order will be here as quickly as possible.


Being an online re-seller, you have the advantage of being able to sell a wide variety of products, but also the disadvantage of a lot of legwork put in to hunt for many different suppliers. We provide you with a one-stop-shop through our network of manufacturers, saving you the time to search for them and the money spent in unsatisfactory purchases.

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A step-by-step Guide

When you contact us for a quote:

Our team in china SCOUTS out reliable manufacturers that are best in this field, based on the information and samples you provid us with, – ensuring you get highest quality right away without first getting burned, while lowering your costs.

We provide you with a PRICE QUOTE for what you want to import from China. Prices are quoted China-direct, with the freight included to the customs port nearest to you + trucking to your warehouse, or by Air shipping if product is needed asap.

Once you’re ready to proceed, you would place a purchase order at which point we ORDER SAMPLES from them for you – to confirm quality with you.

When you go ahead with the order and payment has been received, our staff go down for QUALITY CONTROL and send us detailed reports (images and video included), guaranteeing that the quality is like the sample we received. We also arrange for samples to be sent out to our partnering 3rd party laboratory for proper testing and legal certification for your country’s standards in your items’ category.

Our china office arranges the SHIPPING to the nearest sea port or via air, where it gets consolidated along with other customer orders for our company, – lowering shipping costs for you.

We arrange CUSTOMS and DUTY, through our office here that specializes in this field. This includes proper Product Labeling, Shipping Marks, Legal Certifications, and Telex release forms.

If your merchandise was sent by sea, we send down a TRUCKING company to deliver it from the port to your warehouse with none of the usual hassle port release involves .

Reasons to Work With Us

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