It’s a big challenge among clients to make designers and engineers understand how the final product should look and feel. 3D CAD technology allows clients to work with designers to create digital models of products or individual components. Rapid prototyping is a common method in China and it has gained a lot of importance in many industries. It is easy to realize the potentials of a product through accurate prototyping. Conceptualized design should deliver higher fidelity, compared to standard paper-based prototyping.

There are reasons why we should achieve rapid prototyping in our design tasks.

  1. Design Concepts can be Realized: Rapid prototyping should allow designers to represent and actualize their concepts beyond simple and virtual visualization.  Everyone will be able to understand the visual aspects of products, which can’t be obtained from examining CAD models on computer screens. Designers are able to carry forward their original ideas and engineers are able to implement them in the production process. Prototype could also become a proof of concept that is submitted to clients.
  2. Changes can be Incorporated Quickly: Prototypes allow designers and engineers to have physical models in hand. Rapid prototyping allows everyone to quickly incorporate necessary changes, through several iterations. With proper prototyping, the design will improve with each iterative process. This will build confidence for designers, technicians, clients and end users.
  3. Money and Time can be Saved: With rapid prototyping, the cost and time needed to build special tools, patterns and molds can be significantly reduced. CAD software can be combined with CNC machining and 3D printing to create prototypes quickly. The amount of waste can be significantly minimized. Rapid prototyping requires minimal amount of raw materials for building important and simple models.
  4. Designs can be Customized: Rapid prototyping is important because we are able to develop customized products. When implementing design changes, we should make sure to use minimal special tools and processes. The whole design should be nearly identical with the original, after we implement small changes in CAD model. Rapid prototyping is highly beneficial, because clients and end users are able to get connected experience with future products.
  5. Design Flaws can be Minimized: Rapid prototyping allows everyone to identify flaws quickly before the mass production phase begins. Rapid prototyping can be configured to closely resemble the strength and properties of the actual products. It means that partial field tests can be performed to ensure that some functions could work well. The risks of usability issues and faults can  be quickly identified to avoid any issue that may occur during the manufacturing process.

Rapid prototyping should be highly beneficial for the entire design and manufacturing process. When working with China Assured, clients are able to choose design firms and manufacturing facilities that employ proper rapid prototyping stages. It means that innovative and highly functional products can be produced efficiently.