Chinese products continue to have higher quality level. This fact has contributed to improved market shares in global market. Importers and traders around the world continue to obtain products from manufacturers in China, because they have met strict standards in different regions, including in developed countries. Here are 10 quality products that we can obtain in China:

  • Ships: Chinese shipyards are known for their ability to deliver large volume of shipping. Each year, China constructs about 766 million tons of cargo vessels and other types of ships. This represents about 45 percent of global ship construction volume. Other than obtaining standard products in China, global traders may also order cargo ships for their internal shipping purposes.
  • Coal: China is blessed with significant coal reserves. Coal continues to become a low-cost energy source that helps to propel the global industry. The country is producing about 1.8 billion tons of coal each year or nearly 50 percent of global production. Traders may obtain coal from China that can be sold in their local markets to fulfill existing energy demands.
  • Cement: Annual production of cement in China is significant and it represents about 60 percent of the global production. Some cement manufacturers in China are able to fulfill strict construction standards in many countries. There are cement brands that are suitable for various heavy duty purposes in your local market.
  • Shoes: Shoes are major consumers products in China and they continue to provide protection for people around the world. Shoes manufacturers in China are delivering 12.6 billion shoes each year, much more than the number of people on the planet. They represent a majority in global shoes marketplace and it’s easy to find quality shoes in large volume in China.
  • Mobile Devices: There are high quality generic smartphones and tablets in China that can be re-branded by international traders. Importers are able to design their own interface, brand and packaging. The fact that these devices are generic means that much of the components are commonly found, making the maintenance and repair tasks easier to do on consumer level.
  • Solar Cell: Sun remains the largest energy source in our solar system. Many manufacturers in China deliver high quality solar cells that enable them to capture 80 percent of global market share. In total, Chinese solar cell manufacturers allow us to g an additional of 21.8 million kW each year. These solar cells are appropriate for both personal and industrial usages.
  • Lamps: Energy-saving lamps may ensure lower electricity bills and manufacturers in China are delivering more than 4 billion units each year. This represents 80 percent of global market share. Like mobile devices, some of these energy-saving lamps are available as generic units, allowing traders to re-brand them for local markets.
  • Air Conditioners: Other than local Chinese brands, many well-known air conditioners brands have production facilities in China. Again, air conditioners in China represent about 80 percent of global market share.
  • Personal Computers: Personal computers continue to be in relatively high demand, despite the prevalence of mobile devices. Many personal computers and their internal components are made in Chinese facilities. Again, we could find generic computer products that can be re-branded.
  • Jewelry: China is known for its artisans and they are able to deliver high quality products. Their intricate designs continue to appeal many people and Chinese jewelries are interesting products that can be obtained by international traders.

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