China Prices, US Standards.

So you want to import product directly from China to slash costs and maximize profits. That’s great! Like so many western suppliers you realized the powerful gain of buying directly from the manufacturer at the other side of the globe. Whether you are developing your own brand, invested in creative ideas for a better product, or simply a buyer looking for prices to counteract the competition, you have done your research and you are ready to cut the line and buy direct!But what about all the costs like import duties and taxes? Does your product comply with mandatory CBP and FDA regulations or will your shipment be stopped at customs for Trademark infringement? How do you find legit and US safety standard compliant manufacturers without spending months on AliBaba and hundreds on samples? Can you trust a company on the other side of the globe with your hard-earned money without a 3rd-party verifying that its not a scam, and inspecting the quality of your merchandise, before paying? And who will orchestrate the shipping, fill out the proper paperwork, and arrange a freight forwarding trucking company to pick up the shipment from the port?

China Assured is an American based company committed to taking away the risk and headache that usually comes along with China wholesale shopping, leaving you to what you do best – selling.

We focus on


Our people in China can find the right factory in days or a few weeks, where it would take a first time buyer many months. With an efficient forwarding system that consolidates our customer orders weekly, you can rest assured your order will be here as quickly as possible.

Being an online re-seller, you have the advantage of being able to sell a wide variety of products, but also the disadvantage of a lot of legwork put in to hunt for many different suppliers. We provide you with a one-stop-shop through our network of manufacturers, saving you the time to search for them and the money spent in unsatisfactory purchases.

With trusted factories who do business with us on a regular basis, and with staff in China who can visit the factories to assess their capabilities, we avoid your headache of searching for a legit and reliable supplier among scammers. We ensure the factory carries product certification compliance and that they meet the legal standards for your merchandise.

We offer you

A local American company

A local American company with customer support just a phone call away

Ground Operation Sourcing

A Chinese team of experts who pre-qualify China manufacturing companies, negotiate prices, and inspect shipments – ensuring you get highest quality right away without first getting burned

Product Development

We take your idea and bring it to life. From the drawing board, market research, CAD, tooling, industrial design, and prototyping, all the way to production molds – Simplified

Graphic Design Team

US Located In-house Graphic Design team for all of your Branding, logo/patenting, and Packaging needs

3-D prototyping, Material research

China Located In-house Logo Laser Etching, 3-D prototyping, Materials research and sourcing, private Printing Press, and blister Packaging Machinery

Quality Control

Samples, pictures, and videos, collected by our team before and after your process to confirm quality standards to your satisfaction

Analysis of product regulation

We partner with global regulatory compliance Laboratories for US market standards certifications, analyzing product regulations, trademark infringement, labeling and shipping marks, and rapid customs clearance

Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Shipping Air and Sea through our own consolidated accounts that avoid LCL containers with customs difficulties and lower shipping costs for all our customers

Hassel-Free truck transport

Hassle-free delivery to your warehouse door, transporting your merchandise to you – your way

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Even after delivery, our service continues with our 60 day guarantee


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